Building my home office

We bought a new house in the winter of 2012. In the backyard were two sheds. Both had electrical run from the house and the one on the left had insulation. So, obviously, my first thought was, "That's my new home office".
Here's the original interior of the left shed. As you can see there is some insulation and a couple of outlets, but the windows were single pane and couldn't open and the door was more like a barndoor.
I ripped out all the shelves, we framed out a new ceiling and I had three separate 15amp circuits installed and some additional outlets off the original circuit. The three 15amp circuits are for an air conditioner/heater, computers, and (possibly) the mini-fridge.
Then my friend Jeff Mershon and I framed out a new ceiling, new windows and a new door. We ripped the siding off the old door and used it to cover the new framing to the left of the door. Jeff did most of the door framing and damned if it didn't come out close to perfect. Jeff also did the windows and those popped in fairly easy.

Once all of that was done, I put in extra insulation and we sheetrocked it all up. Another friend who is a painter did the mudding, since I'd never done that before.

I also ran a CAT6 exterior graded network cable from the house out to the shed since my wireless didn't quite reach out there. I added another wireless router in the shed for extra connectivity.

Here's the outside. All painted.
Here's the interior color scheme:

And here is the interior. It's still a work in progress. I have to put in lighting, the floor is only primed at this point, I still have to properly setup my desk with three monitors and of course, the minifridge!

As you can see, Chucho, my dog, has his spot right next to my desk. He loves to come to work with me and sometimes is almost impossible to get him to leave to go back to the house.