Mondrian is a puzzle game based on the art of Piet Mondrian. I developed the puzzles myself and wrote a backend server to find optimal solutions using the A* algorithm. The game is known to be very difficult to solve and also includes a "mondrian" character who berates you when you fail to complete a puzzle.

Here are some reviews:

"A work of Art"
"...its character, art style, and terrific gameplay justify the price. Mondrain can rest in peace knowing that his iDevice game has been transformed into a 5-Dimple work of art." -- AppSmile.com

"This is one title not to be missed by puzzle fans, and is engaging enough for anyone to enjoy." -- AppSpy.com

✭✭✭✭ 4 stars
"Mondrian is a great game injecting loads of personality, and style into a genre that usually is just associated with blue blocks." -- TouchGen.net

"...a challenging and visually pleasing puzzler brought to you by Piet Mondrian...anyone who downloads the game is in for quite a few hours of brain-tingling puzzles." -- Touch Arcade

"...very simple but deep, interesting, artistic puzzle game. So cool." -- theslick.net (Japan)


Cuenotes was a cool music app. It has been described as "Twitter for music." While listening to a song you can write a short twitter-sized comment that is then connected to that song, at that time. Anyone who is following you will see your message when they listen to the same song.

I wrote the app in native Objective-C and integrated with the iTunes player, and Spotify for music.

I wrote the backend in Node.js and MongoDB. The backend was fairly complicated as it had to connect to several third-party sources (iTunes, spotify, echonest, etc) and try to fuzzy match songs.


Syde is a social photo sharing app with a twist. Users only take one side of a photo and then other users can complete the photo by taking the other side. It's a fun app that can yield some surprising and beautiful results.

The app is native Objective-C, utilizing the camera, obviously. I also wrote a nice cropping/adjusting screen to help users line up their photos.

The backend server is written in Node.js with MongoDB.


Tapnastics is a music/rhythm game based on famous drum beats throughout history.